We connect foreign investors with growing businesses under Entrepreneur Visa programs. This synergy helps our clients obtain desired citizenship and drives innovation and growth.

About Synergy
We focus on a particular type of foreign investment by introducing prospective visa applicants to suitable businesses looking to raise capital.
In the UK, the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa was launched to encourage entrepreneurship in the country. This program was not used to its full potential as lack of communication between foreign investors and local businesses led to the creation of disingenuous companies to meet visa criteria. That in turn drove high refusal rates and, as a result, both UK and foreign investors were missing out.

We believe that the invested capital and the applicants' entrepreneurial drive can play a much better role if invested in companies with significant potential. Synergy's goal is to introduce visa applicants to businesses that not only comply with the immigration requirements, but also are in line with their personal profile, entrepreneurial aspirations and have the potential to strengthen the UK economy.
Where we focus
How it works
Firstly, to create a successful foundation for your immigration process we need to meet with you informally. Before any financial commitment is made, we will explain and present you with your chosen visa program and steps that will be required along the way.
Initial meeting
We meet with you and identify your profile
Search & filter
We start the search for matching businesses in our networks as soon as you agree to our terms and conditions; the search may take up to 3 weeks depending on the complexity of your profile
We present to you a selection of businesses outlining why they are a good fit for you; if you would like to re-focus the search, we can perform a second search for companies
It is very imporant for you to act swiftly as businesses raising capital are in huge demand; we introduce you to the business owners of companies that you find interesting - the investment deal arrangement is now to be discussed between yourself and the business owners
Strengthening the application
If you prefer, we can add to the application by helping the business prepare additional documents
Visa application
You apply for the visa with the help of your legal representatives
Interview preparation
If you have earlier chosen to strengthen your application, we help you prepare for the Genuine Entrepreneur Test
Visa granted
Your visa is approved and you proceed with the investment and involvement with the business as agreed between yourself and the business owners
Why Synergy
As a boutique firm we find a bespoke solution that works specifically for you. We work with you as a team to create a strategy tailored for your goals. We take on complexities of dealing with nuances of the process so that you can enjoy the benefits.
Our money-rich, time-poor clients appreciate that we dedicate our full attention to their case. We proceed swiftly and proactively, often coordinating work of client's various advisors to ensure completion in the desired timeline.
We are result driven, and our success-fee structure is reflective of this. We only take on clients who are prequalified to benefit from programs that we work with and everything we do is geared towards achievement of positive outcome
Contact us
To find out more about working with us, please email, call or visit us.
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